Nuiton regroupe un ensemble de librairies et d'outils liés au développement Java.
Une liste de diffusion regroupe les annonces des différents projets nuiton : announce-nuiton@list.nuiton.org

Latest news

nuiton-js: Nuiton JS :: Font Awesome 4.2.0-1 released
Font Awesome jar packaging
Added by Maven Release 5 days ago

nuiton-js: Nuiton JS :: AngularJS 1.2.25-1 released
AngularJS jar packaging
Added by Maven Release 5 days ago

pom: Pom 1.3 released
A shared pom for maven projects of forge.codelutin.com
Added by Maven Release 9 days ago

ToPIA: ToPIA 3.0-beta-13 released
To import or export with CSV format
Added by Maven Release 10 days ago

jaxx: JAXX 2.12 released
Added by Maven Release 11 days ago

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Latest projects

  • pom (07/20/2014 11:16 AM)

    Next generation of mavenpom (one parent by forge). Optimized for git

  • sandbox-git (07/19/2014 07:39 PM)
  • nuiton-converter (07/15/2014 02:24 PM)

    A useful API around converters.

    Was previously in the nuiton-utils project.

  • nuiton-maven-report-plugin (07/21/2013 10:22 AM)

    Usefull reports from any nuiton libraries

  • nuiton-decorator (07/20/2013 05:12 PM)

    A simple Decorator API

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