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3784EvolutionNouveauNormalUpdate to Hibernate 5 (including JDK8 java.time.* API support)Éric Chatellier11/22/2015 07:56 PMdependencies2.12

3725AnomalieNouveauNormalError while deleting with multiplicityBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:09 PMtopia-persistence3.0.1

3724AnomalieNouveauNormalMake generated Binders support inheritenceBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:09 PM3.0.1

3712AnomalieAssignéNormalToPIA claims that using tagValue generatePropertyChangeSupport on an attribute or a single class works but it doesn'tBrendan Le NyBrendan Le Ny08/22/2015 09:25 PMgeneration3.0.1

3692EvolutionAssignéNormalMake indices names deterministicBrendan Le NyTony Chemit07/31/2015 05:08 PMgeneration3.1

3691EvolutionNouveauNormalUpgrade H2 to 1.4.x NOT BETA !Brendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:08 PMdependencies3.1

3666EvolutionNouveauNormalUpdate to Hibernate 5 (including JDK8 java.time.* API support)Brendan Le Ny11/23/2015 01:43 PMdependencies3.1

3665AnomalieNouveauNormalShould not have to use <enum>.name() in addContains(...)Arnaud Thimel07/31/2015 05:09 PMtopia-persistence3.0.1

3653EvolutionNouveauNormalUpdate to Flyway 3.2Brendan Le NyArnaud Thimel07/31/2015 05:08 PMdependencies3.1

3632AnomalieAssignéNormalSome indexes are missingBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:09 PMgeneration3.0.1

3626EvolutionCommentaireNormalAllow user to choose flushModeBrendan Le NyArnaud Thimel01/30/2015 01:18 PMtopia-persistence3.1

3614EvolutionNouveauHautForce user to set cardinality of each associationArnaud Thimel07/31/2015 05:08 PMgeneration3.1

3577EvolutionAssignéNormalMapping of java.util.MapSylvain BavencoffArnaud Thimel07/31/2015 05:08 PMgeneration3.1

3539EvolutionNouveauNormalReview listeners API and implementationBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:08 PMtopia-persistence3.1

3488AnomalieNouveauNormalValidation about "inverse" presence is applied even if the class is not an entityBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:09 PMgeneration3.0.1

3487EvolutionNouveauNormalStop generation when model use forbidden class names and attributesBrendan Le Ny07/17/2015 05:27 PMgeneration3.1

3485EvolutionNouveauBasAdd a warn at startup if the dialect does not seem to be coherent with the JDBC driver URLArnaud Thimel10/03/2014 02:55 PMtopia-persistence3.1

3452EvolutionCommentaireNormalGenerate a .ddl file with all the requests to create indexesBrendan Le NyArnaud Thimel07/31/2015 05:08 PMgeneration3.1

3427EvolutionNouveauNormalAdd support for custom hql queries with fetch and paginationÉric Chatellier10/03/2014 02:53 PM3.1

3367EvolutionAssignéNormalSimplify replication serviceTony ChemitTony Chemit08/13/2015 08:17 AMservice replicationUnscheduled

3344EvolutionNouveauNormalPlurialize default association end if multiplicity is presentBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:08 PMtopia-persistence3.1

3339EvolutionNouveauNormalReview usage of package scope in stereotypes and tag valuesTony ChemitTony Chemit10/03/2014 03:13 PMtopia-persistence3.1

3332EvolutionNouveauNormalDeprecate topia-service-migration moduleBrendan Le Ny07/31/2015 05:08 PMservice migration3.1

3277EvolutionNouveauNormalMake deterministic constraints name in generated hibernate mappingTony Chemit07/31/2015 05:08 PM3.1

3200TâcheNouveauNormalCreate a Maven archetype for ToPIAArnaud Thimel07/04/2014 03:26 PMDocumentation3.1

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